Swasa School of Arts was started by S. S. Sathish, the founder, in November 2010, in Adambakkam, Chennai.
S. S. Sathish had an obsession towards arts, a vision to inculcate his artistic knowledge to the world which has led to the foundation of Swasa School of Arts.

We at Swasa offer innovative programs and workshops for people of almost all ages and our faculty nurture the budding artists to become versatile in the world of art.

Our Syllabus covers courses for students starting from age 3 to all ages, there is no age limit for elder students, this is one of the specialties we procure, our syllabus and exercises would be of very good guidance for aged students who possess interest but seek proper guidance, thus we welcome people from age 3 onwards to join and practice at Swasa School of Arts.

We assure you that our syllabus, courses, programs and workshops would be very refreshing, rejuvenating and like never seen before, would give a whole new experience for the students to discover the artists in them.

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